How To Be A Fantastic Grandparent

Between fear of aging and joy of welcoming his grandchildren, it is sometimes difficult to become a grandparent. What attitude to adopt to be a “super granny” or a “super grandpa”?

A difficult heading. Becoming a grandparent can sometimes be a difficult step to take? And once this course is passed, it is sometimes complicated to know what attitude to adopt towards its grandchildren. For the actress Agathe Natanson, author of The Art of Not Being a Grandmother, a collection of humorous letters on the subject, learning she was going to become grandmother was a hard time to pass. “When I was told ‘you’re going to be a grandmother’, it was very violent for me. I immediately pictured an elderly woman with gray hair, a lady Sad, and I refused, this image, I had this bad image, because I myself did not have a grandmother, “she explained

“I did not want to be called ‘Granny’, so I held on, my grandchildren call me Agathe! I would like to be a kind of Mother Noel, Mary Poppins or bell fairy with wings in the back For me, that’s the ideal grandmother, the one who brings joy, gaiety “, tells the actress who has thus endorsed a role of” super granny “that will not grow old. “I will not become the bent grandmother. In 10 years, my grandchildren will be 18 and I will not change,” she says.


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“Do not change. For the actress, it is important not to change at all when you become a grandparent, “Catherine Deneuve, Simone Veil, Jane Birkin are all grandmothers and they are divine! They continue to please. It’s important, “she explains. And yet, for the psychologist Sabrina Philippe, change is inevitable. She explains: “As long as we do not have children, we feel a little immortal. So when we have children and we see them growing we realize we are getting older and getting closer Of death. This generational phenomenon necessarily induces aging “.

What is the role of the grandparent? Once the grandparent status has been adopted, it remains to know what the role of a grandmother or a grandpa is. For Sabrina Philippe, “the grandparent’s role is to bring something different from the parent, such as culture, crafts or cooking, and you have to know how to set limits right away. Is not always available! “. And yet. Agathe Natanson readily admits it: “I organize my holidays and my weekends according to my grandchildren. But, on the other hand, we must not become the grandmother who is called at the last moment or Is canceled because the child has a birthday snack,

The important thing is to stay for yourself, for the psychiatrist St├ęphane Clerget. “It’s important not to be afraid to have different rules of education for parents. It’s important to apply your own rules when you keep your grandchildren,” he says.